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WINPower is an advanced UPS management software. It allows remote monitor and manage from one to multiple UPS’s in a local environment through USB communication. It can not only prevent data loss from power outage and safely shutdown systems, but also store programming data and scheduled shutdown UPS’s.

WINPower allows remote control and monitoring for multiple UPS’s via USB. Besides, it also provides event statistic and power flow information in diagram for corporate MIS to analyze power status. To avoid outside hackers, it also provides password security protection for control and management.

  • Feature summary

  • Downloads

  • Allows control and monitoring of multiple UPSs via USB
  • Supports auto and manual online upgrade
  • User-friendly power analysis graph: event statistics, history data chart export
  • Real-time dynamic graphs of UPS data (voltage, frequency, load level, battery level)
  • Safely OS shutdown and protection from data loss during power failure
  • Warning notifications via audible alarm, broadcast, mobile messenger, and e-mail
  • Scheduled UPS on/off, battery test, programmable outlet control, and audible alarm control
  • Password security protection and remote access management
  • Supports multiple languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Italian, Polish, Czech, Turkish

New Features

Release WinPower V6.0.0.1 (28/04/2021)
1. Support Unity 6-20K 3/3 UPS via USB hid power device communication
2. Support Mac 11.3 (Mac OS Big Sur)
3. Improve the bug: Windows 7 32bit OS USB communication
4. Load CPQ PID VID automatically including SAL and other UPS PID VID
5. Winpower won’t pop up the UAC warning dialog when computer restarts

Release WinPower V5.9.0.2 (15/01/2021)
1. Support Unity UPS Modbus TCP communication
2. Support Unity UPS RS232/USB communication
3. Support SW2 1150 1U UPS USB communication
4. Support TLS 1.2 encrypted mail
5. Support Mac 10.15
6. Support local system shutdown protection when SNMP device is on battery mode
7. Fix bug: the webserver port number can’t be modified normally

Release WinPower V5.7.0.3 (04/11/2019)
1. Support shutdown VMware ESXi by NMC SNMP
2. Upgrade JRE 1.8 for cyber security requirement
3. Support Windows Server 2000 discontinued
4. Fix time display bug for Daylight saving time in UTC/GMT+3
5. Fix minor bugs

Release Winpower v5.6.0.5 (29/12/2018)
1. Support ESXi 6.7
2. Support Mac 10.14
3. Support device renaming function
4. Support remote shutdown via SSH for Linux/Unix/NAS
5. Support a safely turn-off for all guest OS and ESXi host by any guest OS
6. New feature of UPS wizard, a UPS wizard pops out automatically at Winpower initial

Release Winpower v5.5.0.0 (25/05/2018)
1. Fix bug: Adding hostname or IP address of remote agent available under the WAN
2. Fix bug: Change password available via remote operation

Download the software according to your requested operation system in your computer system: Use this Application Activation Key: 511C1-01220-0100-478DF2A at installation


OS version

iconSoftware for Windows® (v6.2.0.0)

Supports Windows® 2000/2003/2008/XP/Vista Windows® 7/8/10 and Windows Server 2016

iconSoftware for MAC up to OS 10.6 (v5.7.0.3)

Supports MAC OS up to 10.6

iconSun Solaris (v5.7.0.3)

Sun Solaris 7/8/9/10


IBM Aix 4.3x/5.1x/5.2x/5.3x

iconHP (v5.7.0.3)

HP-UX 11.x