NEXT UPS Systems Single Phase products come with a standard 3 years onsite warranty.
Where most other UPS brands come with a standard 2 years warranty.

Why this difference?

Because NEXT UPS Systems uses EUROBAT 6-9 Batteries (defined as "GENERAL PURPOSE" within the EUROBAT guide), NEXT UPS Systems can offer this standard warranty.

Most other UPS brands use EUROBAT 3-5 Batteries for single phase products (defined as "STANDARD COMMERCIAL" within the EUROBAT guide)

The standard warranty on UPS products is 36 months for all SINGLE PHASE products & 24 months for all THREE PHASE products. During this 2/3 years period your UPS is covered by a standard exchange in the best timing conditions (depending on location, this can be between 48 & 72 hours). Logistic costs for shipping back your old SINGLE PHASE UPS and delivering the new one will be covered by NEXT UPS Systems.  For all THREE PHASE products a FSE will contact customers, depending on location.

Make sure you don't place your UPS in excessive temperature (max 20°c)

IMPACT of temperature on Lead-Acid Batteries...

 EUROBAT Temp influence


    • EUROBAT DEFINES Following EUROBAT "DESIGN LIFE" of Batteries

      STANDARD COMMERCIAL This group of batteries is at the consumer end of standby applications and are popular in small emergency equipment 3 - 5 YEARS
      GENERAL PURPOSE This group of batteries is used where high power, long life is required in comparison to the Standard Commercial product,
      and also in case where operational conditions are more severe
      6 - 9 YEARS
      HIGH PERFORMANCE This group of batteries is used in applications where longest life and highest safety standarsds are required 10 - 12 YEARS
      LONG LIFE This group of batteries is used in applications where longest life and highest safety are required 12 YEARS and longer