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Intelligent Power Distribution Unit

NEXT PDU (Power Distribution Units) are flexible mounting multiway socket blocks for easy connection of multiple loads either as free-standing or on rack-mounted UPS. NEXT aPDU(Amp/Volt metered Power Distribution Units (PDUs)) provide active metering to enable energy optimization and circuit protection. Amp/Volt metered PDUs provide power utilization data to allowData Center Managers to make informed decisions on load balancing and right sizing IT environments to lower total cost of ownership.

NEXT iPDU’s (Power Distribution Units) enable advanced, user-customizable power control and active monitoring. Remote outlet level controls allow power on/off functionality for power cycling to remotely reboot equipment and restrict unauthorized use of individual outlets. Power sequencing time delays allow users to define the order in which to power up or down attached equipment to avoid circuit overload.

Current metering provides real-time remote monitoring of connected loads with user-defined alarms to warn of potential circuit overloads. Users can access, configure, and control iPDUs through secure Web, SNMP, Command Line Interface, or Telnet Interfaces. New NEXT iPDUs include real power monitoring, a temperature/ humidity sensor port, and IEC-LOCK receptacles.

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  • Active local Amp/Volt monitoring per output socket
  • Switchable output sockets
  • Central Communication and Alerts: Read Current, Voltage, Power, kWhr and more, Interface allows easy identification of alerts. Easily monitor the status of your power distribution on the LCD (OU iPDU), via the web interface or via your management software.
  • 16A max. input current for iPDU Horizontal
  • 32A max. input current for iPDU Vertical
  • large number of sockets (8 IEC-LOCK ) which fit into a very compact unit (1U – 19”) for iPDU Horizontal
  • large number of sockets (12 IEC-LOCK C13 – 4 IEC-LOCK C19) which fit into a very compact unit (0U) for iPDU Vertical
  • easy to implement into any type of installation: they can be rack mounted horizontally (1U) or vertically
  • Integrated IEC-LOCK Plug Retention: Prevents accidental disconnect from being bumped or from vibration