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Why us?

At NEXT UPS Systems we’re committed in providing solutions & services to our customers. It’s all about the right solution, at the right place, with the right NEXT product.

EUROBAT 6-9 – Batteries

NEXT UPS Systems uses EUROBAT 6-9 Batteries (defined as “GENERAL PURPOSE” within the EUROBAT guide).

Most other UPS brands use EUROBAT 3-5 Batteries for single phase products (defined as “STANDARD COMMERCIAL” within the EUROBAT guide)

Download EUROBAT Guide

3-YEARS Warranty

All Next Ups Systems single phase products grants you peace of mind for 3 years thanks to:

• UPS standard pick-up & return service on site
• Professional help-line
• Fast and efficient service wherever you are located

Discover our NEXT5+ warranty extension

EXTENDED Portfolio

NEXT UPS Systems offers a extended portfolio of products & solutions, to meet today’s requirements in all industries @ an affordable price.

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