NEW 3-PHASE UPS range LYNX (20 - 200 kVA)

on Tuesday, 31 December 2013. Posted in Product Related

NEXT UPS Systems will be launching it's 3-PHASE product range in Q2-2014

NEW 3-PHASE UPS range LYNX (20 - 200 kVA)



• Online double conversion technology with DSP control 


• Advanced control with Adaptive Feed Forward Cancellation (AFC) technology for very low harmonic distortion 


• Output power factor 0.9 


• Very low input current distortion (THDi < 1%) 


• Input power factor 0.99 at 10% load 


• Output efficiency up to 95% 


• Space-saving compact design 


• Front access makes maintenance and replacement easily 


• Highly flexibility in single phase/three-phase set-ups


• Control designed to withstand all kinds of loads 


• Variety of communication options available 


• 5.7" graphic LCD panel design with multiple languates for easy-configuration