Empower your power with our smart UPS systems.

NEXT UPS Systems is a European based company with over 20 years of experience in UPS power products. NEXT UPS Systems is committed to providing high quality products and services to meet diverse customer requirements.

Why us?

At NEXT UPS Systems we’re committed in providing solutions & services to our customers. It’s all about the right solution, at the right place, with the right NEXT product.

EUROBAT 6-9 – Batteries

NEXT UPS Systems uses EUROBAT 6-9 Batteries (defined as “GENERAL PURPOSE” within the EUROBAT guide).

Most other UPS brands use EUROBAT 3-5 Batteries for single phase products (defined as “STANDARD COMMERCIAL” within the EUROBAT guide)

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3-YEARS Warranty

All Next Ups Systems single phase products grants you peace of mind for 3 years thanks to:

• UPS standard pick-up & return service on site
• Professional help-line
• Fast and efficient service wherever you are located

Discover our NEXT5+ warranty extension

EXTENDED Portfolio

NEXT UPS Systems offers a extended portfolio of products & solutions, to meet today’s requirements in all industries @ an affordable price.

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